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Out with the old and in with the...NEW SHOW BARN!

2017 is bringing in more than just a new year.  It's bringing in an exciting new show barn that is currently under construction at the Clermont County Fairgrounds. 

We are pleased to announce that all of the old show barns have now been completely demolished in order to make way for the exciting new show barn.  But, this isn't just any show barn we're talking about.  This is a massive 21,000 ft. show arena complete with enclosed pens for hog, sheep, and goats.

It took a lot of years of planning, fundraising opportunities, donations, and community support for this project to become a reality.  But, it's finally happening...and at a vey rapid pace.  The ground has been prepared for the new show barn, the footers are in, and the materials to build the new structure hav been delivered.  We are now waiting for a few warm, dry days to poor the concrete and then we can erect the new show barn.

None of this would be possible, though, without the tremendous support we have received from the community.  So, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our donors, including all who have donated finances, time, equipment (back hoes, skid steers, trucks to haul gravel, etc.) that have helped tremendously in seeing the project come to fruition.  We would not be able to undertake a project of this magnitude without the generosity of the community.

The entire project will cost around $400,000, and is being funded in part by the Friends of the Fair whose main source of income has been the pork tenderloin sandwiches they sell at the fair and the profit from the Quarter Auctions held during the fall camp-outs. They also have received several major corporate donations to put toward this project.  Another major contributor of this project has been the profits from spring concerts that have been held on the fairgrounds for the past several years. The Dan Varner Band has been one of several well-known bands to support this project.

Last year we had approximately 258 goat, 50 sheep and 165 hog projects, which means approximately 400 4-H and/or FFA members will benefit from this endeavor. Fair Board President Dan Hodges said, “The hog and goat programs have grown tremendously and our current barns are outdated and in poor condition.  They are also inadequate (in size) for our needs.  We are simply at a time when we need to make a change and grow to the next level.”

"In addition, the existing show arena is not large enough to hold even a fraction of the  number of people who want a seat to see the shows," Hodges said.  "The new structure will be a fixture on our grounds and will show our dedication to our youth for their hard work and determination.  These young people are the future of our county, our leaders for tomorrow, the driving force behind our success as a community. They are the future for our fair. They deserve the best of us and to have something they can be proud of," he concluded.  While this renovation is way overdue, coming up with the money has not been an easy task.

Even with the efforts of the Board’s Barn Fund Committee, the Friends of the Fair, and the donations they have already received, they are working with a very slim budget. The Fair Board  has already arranged for a line of credit for the balance of the money needed, but the amount of the loan has not been set.  The more community support they receive in donations, either in  kind or monetary, the less they will have to borrow –or- the more bells and whistles can be  added to the project such as LED lighting which will save money in the long run but is costly to install.  Hodges said, “We have a great fair family, the best volunteers, parents, grandparents,  consultants, and many more. I want to personally thank everyone who has been involved in  making this dream a reality, but now we are in need of some additional financial help to  complete the project. I am asking for anyone who can help to contact us.”  

Donations can be sent to: CCAS Barn Fund, PO Box 369, Owensville, OH 45160 or call Dan Hodges at (513) 515-1927.  For those of you who went through the 4-H or FFA programs in Clermont Co., you already know how important these programs can be in shaping lives of young people.  Donating to this project is a golden opportunity for you to give back to the youth of today and help secure a solid, exciting, hands-on educational future for them.

The Clermont Co.  Agricultural Society is a non-profit organization.

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