Clermont County Fair


Clermont County Agricultural Society
The Board of Directors meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Fair Board Office.

Clermont County Agricultural Society Mission Statement
To improve, promote and preserve the public welfare through the understanding of agriculture, horticulture, better livestock, domestic arts and science.  To advance public instruction and learning, and to disseminate useful public knowledge, general community betterment, together with all other industrial, commercial and educational interests of Clermont County and the State of Ohio.

It is the purpose of the Clermont County Agricultural Society to serve and benefit the citizens of Clermont County, surrounding counties and the State of Ohio by planning, organizing and operating the ?Clermont County Fair? under committee utilization as well as carrying out the other purposes stated herein, all of which promote and serve the vital industry of agriculture in Ohio.

The Clermont County Agricultural Society? also functions for the common good of the citizens of Clermont County, surrounding counties and the State of Ohio by sending representatives to the annual Ohio State Fair held in Columbus Ohio.

Dan Hodges


Goshen Township

Term Expires 2018

Luke Cox


Monroe Township

Term Expires 2018

Doug McPhillips

Williamsburg Township

Term Expires 2019


Jackson Township

Term Expires 2018


Member At Large # 2

Term Expires 2019

Dave Williamson

Union Township

Term Expires 2017

Jerry Werring

Member At Large # 5

Term Expires 2018

Todd Slone

Vice President

Franklin Township

Term Expires 2017

Bill Scharber

Past President

Member At Large #1

Term Expires 2019

Scott Humphrey

Miami Township

Term Expires 2018

Dominick Donovan

Washington Township

Term Expires 2017

Tim Trester

Tate Township

Term Expires 2019

Jim Crumbacher

Pierce Township

Term Expires 2017 (Partial)

Carl Schoellman

Wayne Township

Term Expires 2019

Tisha Wolfer


At Large # 3

Term Expires 2017

Tom Ansteatt

Stonelick Township

Term Expires 2018

Bob Handra

Batavia Township

Term Expires 2019

Eric Nelson

Ohio Township

Term Expires 2017

Eric Wehrum

Member At Large #4

Term Expires 2017

Paul Schmid

Milford Township

Term Expires 2017

Kathy Weaver

Executive Treasurer

Jan Schoellman

Executive Secretary

Tom Cornwell


Rick Crawford